Need some help with a Type 38 carbine...

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Need some help with a Type 38 carbine...

Postby Krull » Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:58 am

Local shop owner has a T38 carbine,nice shape,intact mum and it's missing a few parts,since he's done right by me I offered to lend a hand finding those parts online.

Now I have one problem and if it IS a problem I'd like to let him know-this little carbine has the long range sight on it (all the way to "25" which I take to be 2500 meters) thing is I can't find a pic of one with that long range sight ladder and all the pics I see are what looks like a shorter one.

Sooo~did someone jam a reg Type 38 rear sight on this? or maybe it was just stuck there as the thing was made in the last days of the war and that's all they had?

He wants to fix it up and get full price,not what you'd get if it's missing parts,for it and if it has the wrong sight on it it may be good to let him know,yes?

And if you want to know what's missing...

Rear sight springs-all of them the leaf and slider for the longer range bit.

Upper handguard

Front screw on the mag housing.

Thanks for any help guys.
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Re: Need some help with a Type 38 carbine...

Postby PeterN2 » Fri Apr 30, 2010 5:07 pm

As far as I Know, the carbines had the sight marked to 2000 metres so it sounds like a long rifle sight on it. It could be a cut down long rifle?


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