1917 Army Manuel for privates and NCO's

Things a soldier would carry other than firearms, ammo, or uniforms. Meaning equipment such as ammo pouches, bayonets, holsters, oil cans, cleaning equipment, etc.

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1917 Army Manuel for privates and NCO's

Postby Niner » Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:29 pm

Picked this up recently. It looks to be a manuel that was put out by the US Army in 1917 as manuel for enlisted men. Probably mostly for training classes. It is pretty all inclusive. Everything from drill to arms training to how to dig a trench. It also includes a French to English dictionary complete with common phrases. "Cette route est-elle en bon etat?" Is this road in good condition? "Y a-t-l des endroits pres d'ici pouir abreuver les chevaux? " Are there any places near here for watering horses? I don't see any useful phrases for what the soldiers would want to ask....like "Any wine or beer?" "Where are the loose women?"

It has a large 350 pages in a small pocket size book. Now days I bet the new recruit hasn't nearly as much information thrust at him in training.

There is a good foldout diagram of 1903 rifle parts.

One page has a penciled in 1918 date and some page numbers. Maybe there was going to be a test....or the guy had to learn about how to go on guard.
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