1903 4th round jam

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1903 4th round jam

Postby Dollar Bill » Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:47 am

I recently restored a 1903 using NOS surplus parts, with the exception of the barrel. Everything works well with the exception of the magazine follower. After the 3rd round chambers, the 4th round is not elevated properly. You have to push down and forward on the base of the round and then it moves into the correct position. Also, when the magazine is empty, the follower will not depress at the rear until it is moved forward. You can't load it with stripper clips until the follower is freed up. After researching, this appears to be a fault with the originals from the beginning. The article I read states the introduction of the A3's, with the stamped and curved parts cured the problem. My question is: Does this sound right to you guys? Would radiusing the rear of the follower cure this?

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