Rebluing a Webley Mark VI-closest to Charcoal Blue?

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Rebluing a Webley Mark VI-closest to Charcoal Blue?

Postby The Virginian » Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:25 pm

I know Webleys were originally Charcoal blued, but that is not an option since it will cost me almost as much as the gun if I send it out to get done. I am considering either slow Rust Bluing or the quicker Belgian Bluing. In your opinion which finish will look closest to the original finish? BTW: These are Webleys that have less than 10% of their original finish left and have been cosmetically really abused and or cut for 45 ACP, so collector value isn't even a factor. All deep pits and dings will be TIG welded and they will be hand polished to about 400 grit prior to bluing and all stamps and markings that are weak will be restored by hand engraving. Most Webleys I've seen look like they were rust blued to my eye and some even look blacked by an oil process or even some look painted. In fact one that I have that was in really bad shape prior to polishing had paint come off of the backstrap and cylinder. Anyway, any advice on how to do this will be appreciated.
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