How about this for a refinish string?

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How about this for a refinish string?

Postby Niner » Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:54 pm

I saw it at another site that has a different view of things. Some of the refinishing notions are pretty good..... really. Although I wonder about the one that goes:

2 parts BLO
1 part Tung Oil
2 Parts Vinegar

I tend to think the vinegar is something that doesn't belong there.... the use of turpentine or mineral spirits would probably be better.....the idea should be to let the spirits evaporate after you rub the concoction on the wood by hand. Or...on second thought...maybe get rid of the BLO and Tung oil instead of the vinegar and replace with Olive oil and you could have a finish that would double as a salid dressing.... :evil: ... pic=116929

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