Rare indeed

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Rare indeed

Postby Aughnanure » Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:30 pm

and just when one thought that upside down revolvers were a modern breed along comes this,

Shaw revolver.jpg

Description: Engraved "Jacob Shaw, Jr." in script on the left side of the frame. Shaw was listed in the Ohio State Business Directory and Gazetteer as a gunsmith in Hinckley, Ohio in 1853, four years before he patented this unique revolver. Patent #17,698 was granted to him 30 June, 1857. This is the ONLY KNOWN SPECIMEN of Shaw’s revolver. His main claim was for the compactness of the revolver. The hammer is inside the frame under the six shot cylinder. Since the bottom chamber is the one fired, the barrel is below the centerline of the cylinder pin. The dimensions of the piece are only 3-1/4 inch high and 5-1/2 inch long. The cylinder pin is a retractable five inch iron tube which has a split brass lining tube in its center. When this assemblage is drawn to the rear, it doubles the sighting radius, useful for target shooting. The tiny brass blade front sight cannot be seen when the sighting tube is in is forward position. The nut above the cylinder pin, with its two protruding operating pins, locks the tube in place. The usefulness of this "long range" sighting system is questionable in such a small double action revolver until the mechanism is examined. The large trigger is used to cock the hammer and revolver the cylinder. The gun is discharged by pulling the second trigger at the bottom rear of the trigger guard. Shaw was also a clock maker, evident from the fine workmanship on the pistol. The grips have no evident means of fastening. There is a loading gate on the right side of the frame, serving both to protect the nipples and to allow the cylinder to be removed for loading and capping. The revolving mechanism operates on the front face of the cylinder.


and it has an aperture sight!!!
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