Confederate statues

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Confederate statues

Postby Niner » Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:03 pm

It is now the new rage to remove all public monuments to the lost cause. New Orleans has been removing all statues...some pretty good size... under the cover of dark and with those removing the statuary to some undisclosed location all decked out in bulletproof vests...just in case. And the statues had been standing for upwards of a hundred years with no bulletproof vests at all and had managed quite well. Not that this matters. Perhaps all this new social correction is reasonable... the South did lose the War and it was about slavery. But at the same time there are unknown numbers of Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee high schools still around. There is a publick Robert E Lee high school that plays a public Jefferson Davis high school every year in sports in Alabama. Both have great athletic programs...and now days they both are just about entirely attended by black students. It would seem more logical to change the names of the high schools and leave the statuary for the birds to shit on. But... we know logical has nothing to do with any question in the public sector.

What I was getting around to is.... a hundred years ago today the Confederate Veterans annual meeting was held in Washington DC. President Wilson addressed them, as did other worthies. There were thousands of them in attendance even though getting pretty long in the tooth and many passing on every year. The Civil war had been over for 52 years but the old boys were pretty staunch rememberers of their past with large numbers of "posts" in all of the southern states with more members than probably the VFW does today in the same states. One thing they announced at this meeting was the commencement of a monument to Jefferson Davis to be placed in the town where he was born of Fairview Kentucky.

And so it came to pass and is still a tourist attraction today. It looks a lot like the Washington Monument and nearly as big. I'd like to see some men in bulletproof vests remove it in a night. ... d-1/seq-2/

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