Eye sight after cataract surgery

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Eye sight after cataract surgery

Postby OverHill » Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:09 pm

When I was young I had exceptional eye sight. I had the ability to see a bullet’s flight path; either a copper colored arch for high powered rifles like the M1 or a gray arch for a .22. As I aged this went away with the normal inability to read or use a computer without glasses, or focus on the open sights of a firearm.

Some years ago, I needed cataract surgery first in one eye and later in the second. Because multifocal lenses sometimes caused rings to be seen at night around lights I took my surgeon’s advice to go with a basic monofocal lens even though multifocal lenses were available that would eliminate needing glasses.

As it worked out I have very sensitive eyes to bright light causing my pupils to close to very small points. This has the effect not unlike a pin hole camera and to my surprise I no longer have problems focusing on open sights or using a computer without glasses, and if I have reasonable light I can read small print without glasses. Has anyone else experienced this after cataract surgery?
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Re: Eye sight after cataract surgery

Postby Niner » Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:36 pm

I had the cataract surgery from hell the first time. Without going into the gruesome details, now that eye has a new lens but still nearsighted as hell and requires a fairly strong corrective glasses lens. The other eye came though, different doctor, really well and eyesight is nearly 20/20 except for seeing things really close up without glasses. The outcome is that now, with glasses, everything looks pretty clear, just that one eye sees things at about a 50mm size while the other at about 150mm due to the glasses lens corrections. Took my brain a while to cope with it. The most noticable difference is when driving if I look in the rear view mirror with one eye the traffic behind me looks to be about on my bumper and with the other it looks to be three or four car lengths behind. But with both eyes the view is ...kinda ... normal.

When shooting the longer the sight picture the better. 1853 Enfield the sights look pretty clear front to back. No. 5 Jungle Carbine...not so great. My most imperfect eye is my right shooting eye.

Since you mentioned computer... I have special glasses for computer. Regular glasses with progressive lenses are bothersome for such use.

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