Bass Pro and Cabela's

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Bass Pro and Cabela's

Postby Niner Delta » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:09 pm

Well, it's official. Bass Pro has completed it's purchase of rival sporting goods store Cabela's, for
a measly $4 billon..... :shock:
Although there are neither of these stores anywhere near me, they are obviously very popular
around the country.


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Re: Bass Pro and Cabela's

Postby Niner » Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:13 pm

I used to buy stuff from Cabela's online or from a catalog. There's no store within probably 400 miles from me. But... if stuff wasn't on sale it was generally expensive. The clothes were generally pretty good quality though. I got clothes I bought from them years ago that I still wear. There's a Bass Pro shop about 15 miles from me. Their prices are generally better than Cabaela's and I buy some things from them as a matter of preference and they have the largest fishing selection of anybody around. Bass Pro is not a company you can buy stock in but for a long time was pretty good at marketing to the sportsman or sportswoman. Now....I wonder if their better days are over or not. And, of course, since my better days are long over whatever this merger means doesn't matter much to me.

For fishing and shooting I like Academy Sports. They generally have what I'm looking for at normally a cheaper price than Bass Pro. There are two of them within a few miles of my house.

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