Those statues of Robert E. Lee and fellow rebels

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Those statues of Robert E. Lee and fellow rebels

Postby Niner » Sat Mar 17, 2018 3:36 pm

Noticed this idea from a hundred years a go. Seems the Kaiser had given the US...during Teddy Roosevelt's time.... a statue of Fredrick the Great because the US had given the Kaiser's brother a good welcome on a tour of the US. Then when WWI came along a particular senator thought it would be a good idea to not only remove it but melt it down and make bullets out of it. Since it was in front of the then war college maybe they could have used it as a target as an alternative. Maybe some wiseacre politician could revive the idea for Civil War generals from the Confederate side.... but of course the bullets would have to be all be steel jacketed and all given to the police or military so as to be politically on the popular side of the news.

But... the Freddy His Greatness statue had a more now you see it now you don't career afterwards.... including WWII. And where is it today? Would you believe in front of the new location of the war college?.. See this story. ... k_the.html

The hundred years ago newspaper link is here. ... d-1/seq-1/

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