VE day May 8, 2015

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VE day May 8, 2015

Postby Niner » Mon May 11, 2015 12:07 am

I was looking at the Guardian news online. Seems that in the UK there was a VE day 70 years afterward celebration recently. Didn't see anything in the news in the US about any celebration here. Maybe it was because the VJ day hadn't arrived yet 70 years ago and the war was only "mostly" over so the US wasn't all that excited about Victory In Europe.

Must be nice to fight in a war that is actually ended with a victory. We don't seem to have any of them any more since WWII. Makes war no fun with no victory. Maybe that's a good thing in some ways, although most of the Republican candidates for the next president seemed to be really interested in starting a war with Iran. They have no idea what victory would amount to in Iran ......but they are politicians and it sounds good to talk tough.

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