Battle of the Ir Drang a half century ago now

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Battle of the Ir Drang a half century ago now

Postby Niner » Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:25 am

That battle that became We Were Soldiers Once and Young that was a book and then a movie was fifty years ago now. Hard to believe it is almost ancient history now. It's the distance as between the end of the US Civil War and the start of WWI.

General Harold Moore is still alive and living in Auburn Alabama. He said not too long ago:
''If we had defeated North Vietnam and Hanoi had surrendered,'' Moore said, ''we'd still have American soldiers there today, occupying that country, filled with land mines, AK-47s, rockets, just like Iraq. We'd still be supporting that country, and our men would still be dying there.'' ... r_home_pop

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