EZboards which turned into Yuku has become Tapatalk

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EZboards which turned into Yuku has become Tapatalk

Postby Niner » Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:25 am

I hit a link to Parallax Bill's site just to see if they were talking about anything and noticed it is now presented by Tapatalk instead of Yuku. Yuku seems to have bitten the dust but it appears that old logins from Yuku seem to work on Tapatalk if you visit that board..... provided you were a member before the change.

Ezboard was what Milsurp After Hours was back in 2004 when this site started. Then EZboard blew up and many of the posts were lost even with the exorbitant, for what it provided, fees supplied by me and by members who donated. However, that seeming misfortune, turned into a good thing for me since my son, the computer programmer-engineer, created this site and I rented some blank web space to put it in. We were no longer held up monetarily, and more importantly, no longer at the mercy of the decisions and misadventures of an outside party. Meanwhile, Ezboard , after it's failure, turned into Yuku with promises to those who still hung with them, that all was now well....including, but not mentioning as a benefit, loads of added advertisements for those who didn't have a get out of advertisement free card as a registered user. Now there is another change. The claimed benefit is that the Tapatalk version professes to be friendly for eye phones and other such modern media. However, looks like the owners of sites weren't informed of the change and the appearance of the forum pages changed to some sort of standard color scheme without consultation. This is producing various reactions with users who now face the unfamiliar along with the site "owners" who apparently had all of this change dumped on them without notice.

Parallax Bill used to have a really active forum back ten or twelve years ago but it is now a shadow of what it was. The quirky actions and lack of backup in the string of EZboard-Yuku-Tapatalk name providers over the years might have made it go down quicker....but the decrease in traffic is true with other forums, like ours, as well. The facebook age and the lack of new imports has played a large part in the traffic at milsurp boards no doubt. But, "Tapatalk" may be the finial step into gone for good for Parallax and any other gun boards under their banner.
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Re: EZboards which turned into Yuku has become Tapatalk

Postby DuncaninFrance » Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:47 am

I am on 2 boards that have 'migrated' to Tapatalk and I don't like either of them in their new layouts. If you can avoid it don't go there. The only advantage that I can see is the fact that you can upload images of up to 20mb direct to the sites.

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Re: EZboards which turned into Yuku has become Tapatalk

Postby M14man » Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:37 am

I am on 2 boards also and Talpatalk has killed them. No one posts anymore.
I lost 300 photos when Yuko switched.
I have not figured out a way to upload pics, but then I haven't tried since the sites are dead.
Stay away from Tapatalk!!!

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