Dixie beer

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Dixie beer

Postby Niner » Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:07 pm

This is a beer that used to be brewed in New Orleans. Back a few decades ago it was a pretty good beer to drink when visiting New Orleans. Then it went through some changes in ownership and it turned into something that wasn't like it used to be and not in a good way. Well, lately it has been revived. The bottle says it is using the same recipe it used in 1907 when the brewery was formed. Well... I had to try it again.

It's made in Memphis...not N.O. but... it's a light taste beer much like I used to remember. Close to something like a Mexican beer. Low 4.5 potency. But good with charcoal grilled sausage on a bun with cooked onions and bell peppers and some spicy mustard.

Took a ride on a riverboat years ago. They served Dixie as draft beer.
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Re: Dixie beer

Postby Niner Delta » Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:07 pm

I remember drinking Lone Star beer in Texas and Primo beer in Hawaii, seems like most
regions have a local beer. Up here in the northwest, it was Olympia and Rainier beers.
Olympia is now made in California and owned by Pabst. It was always a light beer, in high school we
called Olympia.. "Sex on the sand"... because they were both "fuc..ng near water"..... :mrgreen:
Rainier suffered the same fate and is owned by Pabst in CA.


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