Here is one you should try

Food and Drink that we enjoy from all the places in the world where we pursue our milsurp collecting hobby. Share a favorite recipe that others may try. Tell us about your favorite wine, beer or other spirit. Cigars too.

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Here is one you should try

Postby Niner » Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:21 pm

Bush isn't premium beer. It's Bud's working man brew. But... .they came out with one that's called Bush Signature. It's a "copper lager" and has no particular telltale taste to it. No hops flavor particular flavor at all. It tastes like beer but no aftertaste and doesn't fit the mold as a special low production beer. You won't find it everywhere....Walmart has it though. Bad vibe as to beer snob tastes. But... it goes down smooth and has a bit of a wallop in the alcohol content at 5.7. I like it! That tin foil covered plate has BBQ chicken wings in it. Go's good with such low brow food too.

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