Clay shoot

Shotguns for clay, fur, feather and all other applications. New or old. Expensive masterpiece or plain and practical.

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Clay shoot

Postby blackisler » Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:57 pm

We held our Christmas clay shoot yesterday the 28th , this was my second shoot that I have set up and thought I got things organised well, :( :( :( boy was I wrong I had got things set up on monday , like where traps was going to be got cages set etc. . Tuesday I was at another shoot where the day was cool but dry, and with 76 entrants managed to come in 21st :D Wednesday morning was up early to put traps in place and load them with clays , things was going well or so I thought with twenty mins before the start time tthe high tower refused to fire with the cable release, :mad: :mad: Tried everything from changing battery to replacing the button wityh still no bl.....dy luck , then changed the plugs at the bottom of the tower still dead eventually decided to give up so wentv up to the top of tower and found some bl...dy pillock took the connector out of the trap ,I wasted my fecking time trying to fix something as easy as putting a connector together. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: .
now everything was sorted and going well, :SCO: I thought the worst was over, again wrong it started to rain ten mins after we got started ,with the rain came the wind it got so damn wet and windy we decided to ask the 36 brave [or stupid] souls if they wanted to cancel the shoot and hold it another time.
I was damned surprised when they said that as it was a sporting shoot they would continue, [after all they would shoot ducks in this sort of weather] so they should be able to hit clays .
With the rain coming down in sheets and the wind sending the clays anywhere but where they should be there was some very credible scores with the winner of the challenge trophy scoring 34 ex 40 after a shoot off there was another few who had 30 with most getting mid to high 20s my own score of 25 seemed good for me ,
All, in all the day ended up better than the weather with all competitors pleased [albeit soaked to the skin ] with them selves and now relish a repeat testing challenge to their shooting skills . Now all I have to do is sort out the summer shoot and after this challenge it should be easy to set up .
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Re: Clay shoot

Postby DuncaninFrance » Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:16 pm

So who wants a quiet life? Sounds like a good ay out to me......................Our first clay shoot is on Saturday 7th January when the club opens but I guess that we will only get to pay our subs as there will be a long queue for the renewal of licenses.
I am about to shorten my Benelli stock by about 8mm as I think it will improve the mounting. :roll: :roll:

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