Imperial 2005 - Historic Arms meeting

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Imperial 2005 - Historic Arms meeting

Postby dromia » Sun Jul 17, 2005 5:15 am

Apologies that this post is a week old but "events" keep happening.

My mate Jim and myself headed south again for the Historic arms weekend 2005 full of anticipation for another cracking weekend at Bisley.

I made rather a pig of myself this time on the entries entering 14 competitions with 10 rifles over the 1 1/2 days.

My battery and competitions were as follows:

1917 BSA No1 Mk111* - 200 yrd Service rifle prone

1922 BSA No1 Mk111 - 200 yrd Service rifle prone & SRb

RFI FTR'd No 5 - 200 yrd snaps

No 4T - The McQueen

Lee Speed - 200 yrd Sporting rifle prone & Running Deer

Mannlicher Schoenauer - 200 yrd Sporting rifle prone & Running Deer

PH No4 Sporter - Running Deer

1922 CG M96 - 200 yrd Service rifle prone

1899 CG M94 - 200 yrd Service rifle prone & 200 yrd snaps

Winchester P14 - 200 yrd Service rifle prone

So how did I do?

As usual good and bad.

In the snaps I scored a big zero in both. I wasn't on the target with my sighters so haven't a clue where they were going, probably high.

If you have to aim off for this shoot then it is really difficult as there no reference point on the target, its so small that you are either on or off.

First time I've done this at that range and now I know what the course of fire looks like I might get the chance to practice a bit before the Trafalgar.

Although I had a lot of fun using the M94 in the snaps the reload was a real handcap and being corrie handed doesn't help either.

My big dissapoint however was with the BSA Mk111 I entered it in service rifle and service rifle b. I kept having to crank up the sights through both shoots as it kept shooting low. I think there is a bedding problem here, the day was very hot and the stock was sweating oil plus a hot barrel makes me think that the wood is bearing somewhere. This rifle has shot well in the past but that was in much cooler weather.

I was particularly pleased with the little M94 shooting a 43.3 in the 200 yrd Service rifle prone, my other service rifle shoots were OK with scores of 43 with the M96 and the P14 getting me a 49.3 ex 50 which was good enough to get me third place. I didn't know whether to be elated at doing so well, for me, or pissed at dropping the one point. It was on my last shot as well that I let go of that possible.

Sporting rifle was good to, with me getting third place with the Lee Speed, I was couple of points down on last year when I came second.

The running deer was fun as usual and this was my real achievement, I shot a 30 with the Lee Speed which was good enough to put me in fourth place. I really like this course of fire and wish that there was somewhere closer where I could practice more, this was only the second time I've shot it.

I didn't get round to shooting the McQueen after 5 hours in the prone postition on Saturday my arthritic shoulders were playing up a bit so I gave that a miss on the Sunday, I've never shot the McQueen and am keen to give it a go so will enter it at the Trafalgar.

We met up with Gert Claes Martinibelgian which was good, Gert came first in the Vintage Breechloading Rifle prone with a score of 44.2, well done Gert.

Mick Kelly also looked us up on his flying visit, good to see you Mick and well done on the "Running Man".

Oh by the way just in case you were wondering, yes we did sup some beer.

Anyway here's some pictures.

As usual it was the Cadets weekend and the place was full of young people in uniform.

Getting ready at the 300yrd point.

600 yrd point on Century.

Century range the target butts.

Century markers marshall by the clock tower before shooting starts.

The butts on Century.

Looking at Century range from the clock tower.

Jim and Gert.

Wind Flags.

Because I like Land Rovers, some NRA Land Rovers.

Stickledown Range, from the 1,100 yrd point.

Melville range and the 1,000yrd point on Stickledown.

Gert at the Running Deer.



Here he comes, Bambi on his run.

Boom!! big cartridges those No2 Musket.

Where's he gone?

Did I hit him?

Scrub out for the next shot.

Post script.

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Wonderful, good shooting

Postby mozark » Sun Jul 17, 2005 5:50 am

Congrats on finishing in the money (and to Gert as well.) Sounds, and looks, like a great time. I'd like to come over and see that meet once. 14 entries, Adam? I know the sun's out late in Britain this time of year, but really. How's the shoulder. A drag about being off zero on the snaps, and the BSA stringing, but still about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on, I'll wager.

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This is my prize...

Postby belgmart » Sun Jul 17, 2005 7:46 am

I left it there, as it still needed to have my name engraved. Still, quite apt as I did win it shooting a Martini rifle.

Adam, thanks for the pics of my running deer shoot - makes you wonder why they call it Black Powder, no? After all, lots of white smoke...

I will try and get some more pics up shortly.
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Brilliant post Adam!

Postby Strangely Brown » Sun Jul 17, 2005 8:10 am

And some very good pictures capturing the spirit of the Imperial Meeting, particulary good to see the youngsters shooting as they are our ticket for a healthy future at Bisley .

I really do hope to shoot the weekend historic bit next year which may entail me spending all week there.

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The Running Deer shoot looks interesting to me

Postby Niner » Sun Jul 17, 2005 9:00 am

We don't seem to have many competitions in the US that are as large or with as much national attention, as are held in Britain. Maybe the US is just too large in geography.

It's good to see what is happening in the world. Great photo story.
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Postby dromia » Wed Jul 20, 2005 1:02 am

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Postby stripperclip » Wed Jul 20, 2005 6:56 am

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Postby Tom-May » Wed Jul 20, 2005 10:56 am

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Civilian Service Rifle

Postby Strangely Brown » Wed Jul 20, 2005 1:26 pm

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cadets and big guns

Postby KCLRPC » Wed Jul 20, 2005 2:07 pm


the rifles the cadets have are Parker Hale M81 A2 target rifles in 7.62. they have cause many problems, first from having cracks on the breeches (all 13,000, all in the same place), then Parker Hale went bust and no one can service them, and now they run, but the sights they have on them are the most ungainly things to look at and for some of us the wrong half of the scale moves. hard to explain more than that, but I do know that there have been severe words as to whether they constitute a safety hazard due to being able to be up to thirty minutes out of line. however, the schools meeting had no problems, and I witnessed a 104.7 being shot over three ranges, so they seem to be healing the sickly beast. still not the best target rifle in the world, but its what they got


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