The underwater camera housing

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The underwater camera housing

Postby Niner » Wed May 11, 2016 2:00 pm

I was looking at ebay and saw this Sony case for taking photos to 132 feet deep made for a Sony Cyber-Shot camera. Well I bid $5 and won it. Only thing is... the Cyber-shot cameras I own wouldn't fit in it unfortunately. So... back to the fleabay. According to the internet three different Sony camera's would work. They all three were small and had touchpad control features so the buttons on the outside of the underwater case would work. I ordered the top model Cyber-Shot 5x T200 for $30 in good condition with battery, image card, and battery charger. Good deal for cheap underwater outfit. But.. the T200 was a slightly larger body than what the case wanted to fit. So... back to the crap shoot camera source. This time for $28 I got a 3x Cyber-shot T 70 that was a slightly smaller case. And.... bingo.. this works. My $5 bargain has turned into. with the extra $5 shipping on the case I failed to mention.....a total of $68 for a curiosity I bought on a whim. But I have two camera's that work and an underwater case that might come in handy under certain circumstances.

The idea is to use it on the boat. I don't plan on doing any deep diving...or shallow diving for that matter. I might drop it over the side on a rope to see if I can take a video at some juncture. In any case the new match up seems to work just fine. Even takes .. good enough for show and tell.. photos through the plastic case.
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Re: The underwater camera housing

Postby DuncaninFrance » Wed May 11, 2016 3:25 pm

Try it out in someone's pool first Robert! :roll: :roll:

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