Olympus OM 10

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Olympus OM 10

Postby Niner » Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:41 am

Got another cheap charlie. Total cost $20. Bought as "unknown" as to if it worked or not. It's an Olympus OM10 from around 1979.

This one is somewhat on the smaller and more compact size as film SLR's go. It has a few odd features. The most odd is the "manual adapter". The camera itself is set up as aperture priority with also a pure manual setting. However the attachment you see as a wheel on the front is for shifting to shutter priority if you wish. It was an added cost feature and not all OM10's came with it. Another odd...but I think good feature... was a button on the shutter release side of the face of the camera for releasing the film to rewind. It turns to unlock. Not on the bottom as an often hard to press button.

Took it out for a test run using some 400 speed color film that came grattus with some other camera I bought. The film was of unknown date and no doubt long out of date. The only question was how long and what kind of negatives it would make.

I sent the roll off to Clark for the cheap development experiment, along with another roll of the same who knows age color film, shot in another camera. The other roll came out great as prints. It was 200 speed and shot in a Canon EOS 10s... the second of the two I bought as a bundle for $27.

The results with the OM10 were mixed. The good was that all of the exposures with various settings came out good enough to show an image. The bad was that the film produced a decided green tint due probably to age.
Somewhat computer corrected
Actual scan of print

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