Pentax IQZoom 115

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Pentax IQZoom 115

Postby Niner » Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:35 pm

I've had this camera a while. Tried it out once but had a development problem and it was my fault the results were awful and not the camera. I got to looking at it today and thought I'd give it another try.

The Pentax IQZoom 115 is just one of a longish line of IQZoom point and shoots. 38-115 zoom in this case. This is one of the more deluxe ones in that it has a macro mode and a panorama mode. The same named model with an S after the 115 doesn't have the macro and probably something else is missing too.There is a M version too with the same zoom. My version also has a B mode and comes with a remote control that can control both the shutter and three zoom modes. And there is a button to light up the digital information window as well. The camera is powered by a 3 volt battery that is still being made.

The remote ... from a camera that was introduced in 1992 .. still works with a battery the factory tech has to change. Wonder how that happened? I was surprised... and pleased.. that it worked.

Verdict? The shutter has a lot of lag time between press and click....although it isn't noticeable using the remote of course. The lense isn't all that great in producing a very sharp photo...but I have worse point and shoots. It would work fine for snapshots for the not too anal photographers inspection. The power zoom has a little herky jerky to it...but doesn't lock up at any juncture. The remote control is novel and seems to work reasonably well with a choice of "now" or three seconds later so you can hide the remote.

If you want to play with film photography for cheap the point and shoot is a good way to go. You can buy reasonably good cameras that produce better photos with more photo options than a lot of rangefinders and SLR's that people are more drawn to thinking them more serious photo taking tools.
swing remote.jpg
remote fired without delay
Macro focus on.
The "panorama" shot. Same size negative.. just boxed off.

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