Minolta VS Nikon yesterday

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Minolta VS Nikon yesterday

Postby Niner » Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:56 pm

It was pushing 80 degrees at 2pm yesterday and I had the urge to go for a camera journey on the way to the grocery store. I took two examples from two iconic brands. The Minolta I got more than a year ago off of ebay because I wanted the two lenses that came with it. I had never shot it before yesterday. My total investment in the camera and the lenses..the lenses being the only part of the transaction I really wanted.... was $26. The Nikon I ordered for the lens as well. The lens came with internal damage and the seller refunded me my entire payment of $24. But... after I got a working lense I wanted to see if the camera worked or not.

The Minolta is a Japanese market 303si. However it isn't the same as the American Market version using that name. I still don't know exactly what the American equivalent of what I have is but think what I have is about the same as the 450si super in American market parlience. The Nikon is the N65. The Minolta is from sometime in the late 90's and the Nikon from about 2000. Both use auto focus or manual. Both can do the usual programs. Both have pop up flash. Both are run of the mill ordinary consumer level cameras. But simple is good as far as I'm concerned.

The Minolta was used with a Minolta 28-100 lens and the Nikon with a Nikon 35-80. Both lenses were standard consumer quality lenses and not professional. The kind of glass that would have come with the cameras.

I tried to take some identical shots with both cameras to compare. I developed the film with the same development times.. although I think I overcooked the developing by about 30 seconds in the D76.

One thing odd about the Minolta was a switch on the side with two positions and Japanese writing. I had no idea what it did until later I discovered it narrowed the image frame at top and bottom to produce "panoramic" photos of the looks like it but not kind.
At one juncture I passed a couple in the park and they asked me to take their photo. So.. i did and asked for their email so I could send them a copy... but nothing to write it down.

In the photos the Minolta is shown first and the Nikon second. The trees photos are of auto focus and manual focus. I didn't touch up any of them in any way.
two cameras.jpg
top of Nikon.jpg
top of Minolta.jpg
statueat lake-001.jpg
trees auto.jpg
trees manual.jpg

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