The beach camera

We do not live by milsurps alone. Photography and other hobbies as well as the mention of other collections would fit in this forum.

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The beach camera

Postby Niner » Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:47 pm

Just got back from a short couple of days at the beach. Weather was perfect .. until today. Highs nearing 80 degrees, cool breezes and sunshine. Took two cameras. One was for the pocket.. a Sony DSC-HX20V because it's my smallest pocket good camera. The other is the one I'm showing some images from that's my "beach" camera. It's got a really long zoom and controls camera shake really well. It's my Canon SX50HS. It takes images close. It takes the near. It takes the way far away. It takes them any distance between. It's digital and not film.

Note series with hotel and with shells. The shell photos were all in a range of a few feet. The buildings were in the range of hundreds of yards. The kite one shows how you can grab a closeup of a moving object about a hundred yards distance with a good hand held Camera.

And it's pretty good at people shots.. unobtrusive from a distance. Street photographers seem to use small simple cameras close up. Beach photographers need good zoom cameras with excellent optics and superior image stabilization and both viewfinder and tilting view screen.
HS 1.jpg
old fat guy.jpg
hotel distant.jpg
hotel medium.jpg
hotel near.jpg
wishful fishing.jpg
shells further.jpg
shells closer.jpg
kites far.jpg
kites close.jpg
picture of piture takers.jpg

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