Vivitar V4000

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Vivitar V4000

Postby Niner » Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:05 pm

Saw it on ebay and read some reviews. It's a plain Jane that uses a Pentax K mount lens and was actually made by Cosina for the beginning photographer. It is a plastic Pentax K1000 for all intents and purposes with an extra shutter speed and a green circle with a red plus or minus instead of a needle. No fancy dan auto features. It does have a quirky battery saver in that you have to pull the film advance lever out about a quarter of a normal film advance throw to turn the meter to on and you then have to half press the shutter button to get a reading. If the advance isn't pulled out to the sweet spot the shutter button is locked. Saves the battery... in theory... but a bit annoying all the same.

The camera is mostly plastic and won't impress any photography purist...... but.... there is a lot to be said for simple. The only draw back with this $9 wonder was that the film advance seemed to sometimes stick and then I had to back up and advance again for a full turn. I thought I would have some double exposures or double half exposures....but not. Can't actually explain why the film managed to advance properly...but it did.

It uses common A76 batteries.

The lens seems pretty good and can be used with my Pentax cameras. It also came with a flash that looks to be pretty decent.

The only disappointment was that on some of the shots I couldn't get a green light reading for some reason...but the shutter isn't locked to the meter and will fire if cocked....and the lever is held off the body as much as in one of the attached photos.

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