Minolta SR-7

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Minolta SR-7

Postby Niner » Sat Dec 23, 2017 6:09 pm

The Minolta SR-7 was a camera with a first. It was the first ever SLR with a Cds meter built into it when it was introduced in 1962. It also had a few other features that were written off later as unimportant.... like the switch that would close the viewfinder if you were taking a self timer photo... the selfie of the day. Blocking out the light from the finder improved the image and later model cameras had a thing on the strap that would slip over the edge of the finder on the camera and doing away with this item of expense to them. It also had an on and off switch on the bottom and a battery compartment that could be opened by touch against a rough grated surface without needing a quarter in your pocket to change the battery... unlike later cameras.

The first ever SLR light meter was on one corner and not through the lens. The light reading was less specific than later through the lens meters I'd imagine, although advertised with only a 30 degree angle of view. The readings were shown with a needle in a slotted window on top of the camera suggesting the aperture as you moved the shutter speed knob....or you could do the reverse by selecting your aperture and moving the speed dial.

The camera uses a no longer made Mercury battery but you can get a modern equivalent of 625A that seems to work flawlessly.

This chump change camera, no lens, worked without a hitch....$7 plus $9 shipping charge is what I have in it. I already had a lens that would work from my SRT 202. I did forget to close the viewfinder off when trying some timed selfies. Don't know if it would have made much of a difference in the results.

Notice one thing...no hot shoe. Has X and FP plugs though. An add on flash holder could be bought for it that would clip onto a viewfinder extension ring, although you would still have to do the wire thing if you wanted to take a flash exposure..

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