Minolta X-370 repair adventure

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Minolta X-370 repair adventure

Postby Niner » Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:30 pm

Got this Minolta X-370 off of ebay for $13 with the "repair or parts" but looks great advertisement. And.. sure enough it didn't work. But.. I did some research and discovered the the likely problem was the capacitor. And one sign would be if there was a smoke mark on the underside of the base plate because an electrical surge had blown the capacitor. And....sure enough there was. So I ordered a bag of capacitors from China off of ebay for $3 delivered. I figured I couldn't get hurt much of it didn't work.

My son the computer engineer and programmer knows about this electrical stuff. He told me my soldering iron needed a heat gauge and that the solder I had was too thick and that I better be careful of the plastic board the capacitor was attached to. And .. be sure to put it in with the correct polarity. Then he volunteered to do it for me because he had the correct tools and solder and knew about such things and that was just great with me.

Well... the new capacitor did the trick. Now the electronic shutter and the light meter and the light meter blinking lights all work like they did back in 1984 when Minolta launched this model of the end of the line of manual focus cameras.

It does have an "auto" feature that does the you pick the aperture and it makes up a shutter speed. You can go full manual and it shows you by blinking lights what speed to aperture possibilities work. The flash sink is at 60 and I tried a couple flash photos with a generic Vivitar flash that had and it worked fine.

If you want to see what the repair looks like. This is the video that encouraged me :


Took it out to the park on the way to the grocery store with a Minolta 50mm MD lens and an older Vivitar zoom with a MC lense. Works ok. The 50mm was a much better lens though. Not the greatest camera ever but it was fun to shoot and it takes decent photos. And I have several more lenses that will fit it.

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