1915 N.E.W. M91 / possible SCW rifle

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1915 N.E.W. M91 / possible SCW rifle

Postby Miller Tyme » Thu Oct 08, 2015 6:22 pm

Some rifles, when you 1st see them just talk to you, and this one did just that to me.

Its a early production N.E.W. M91 with the curved logo that is an amalgamation of parts from N.E.W., Tula, Izhevsk, and Sestroryetsk and has that been around the block a few times look. What I really like was the possibility it was also a SCW rifle not by what features it has, but by what features it also doesn't have. It has zero traces of ever being a Finnish rifle, lacking any [SA] or "D" stamps , or a renumbered rear sight base. It also doesn't show any Balkan heritage like the defaced Imperial Crest or the "Balkan wedge" commonly found attached to the rear sight base. What it does have going for it is SCW type sling hangers, no import marks, and a stock finish that mirrors other SCW rifles in my collection.

While there is no other way to prove this is a SCW M91 beyond a reasonable doubt it still fills a nice hole in my collection for a curved logo N.E.W. M91

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