And then there was 2

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And then there was 2

Postby Miller Tyme » Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:29 pm

Sometimes opportunity finds you, and when it does you have to be ready to take full advantage of it, case in point, about a month ago I post another Kossuth Crested Mosin Nagant had surfaced, (a PU sniper), making just 3 Mosin's so stamped found in the US. So imagine my surprise when several days latter when I was given the opportunity to purchase the 1st one, and M44. Well I just had to have it so a deal was struck and today I am now the proud owner of 2/3rds of the trio.

The rifle is a 1945 Izhevsk M44 that was rebuilt by the Hungarian Army at some point, stamped matching, and is a mixture of Russian, ( barreled action, magazine housing, bolt, and barrel bands) and Hungarian ( stock, butt plate, rear sight, cleaning rod) parts. While there is still debate as to exactly when and why the Kossuth Crest was applied, and with a handful both in the US and in Europe, it is definitely one I wasn't going to let pass me by.

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