Yugoslavian Family pic

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Yugoslavian Family pic

Postby Miller Tyme » Fri Nov 15, 2013 7:35 pm

Decided to get my Yugoslavian family together for a group pic.

From top down
M70AB2 underfolder
M57 Tokarev
M24/47 Mauser
M59/66 SKS
M76 Sniper rifle

And these are 2 Yugo refurb'ed Russian Mosin Nagant's in my collection, a 44 Izhevsk PU sniper and a 46 Izhevsk M44 carbine.

The PU sniper was refurbed at Vojna Radionica 124, (Military Workshop 124) and is stamped /BP124\ on the butstock.

The M44 was refurbed at Yugoslavian 1 Tehnicki Remontni Zavod ("1" stands for Cacak, Serbia and the "TRZ" translates to "technical repair facility") and is stamped 1TRZ on the butstock.
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