SVT-40 trigger pack

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SVT-40 trigger pack

Postby Lalunette » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:39 pm

Reassembly problem...

Howdy SVT-40 owners !!

So far I've taken my SVT-40 completely apart twice...

Once to remove the grease it was packed in when I received it from Lever Arms in December 2013 and once to clean it after I finally got it out to the range on February 8.

I found the videos below quite instructive.

SVT-40 Complete Disassembly / СВТ-40 Полная Разборка

SVT-40 Complete Reassembly / СВТ-40 Полная Сборка

However, I ran into problems both times I attempted to reassemble the trigger pack or group. Despite having the little gate at the rear of the receiver at the 9 o’clock position, it is very difficult for me to click the trigger pack into place. The first time my son (who is built like a Russian ox) had to squeeze with all his might and, the second time, I used a wooden dowel and a wooden mallet to gently but firmly “persuade” the trigger pack to click into place.

I know there is a small spring in the stock that helps the trigger pack pop out once the catch is depressed so I’m wondering if this spring needs to be shortened ??

Any advice, comments, etc. are welcome.

Cheers !!

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