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Shooting again.........

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:17 pm
by Niner Delta
Hit the woods again last week........ :mrgreen:
Went with 2 friends to kill targets and gongs. Had a variety of rifles and pistols with us. I took an AR15 in
5.56 and an AR47 in 7.62x39. Only recently learned that some call that a AR47, I always just called it
an AR in 7.62. And took my HK91, what a fun blaster that is..... :cool:
Was a very nice sunny day. Only went through about 300 rounds, we shot each others guns too and had
a great time. May have been the last shoot until spring, has snowed twice here this week and the woods
are higher elevation, so probably still snow up there...... :(
Forgot to take any photos.......... :roll: