My 50 cal flintlock Hawkin

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My 50 cal flintlock Hawkin

Postby Niner » Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:24 pm

Noticing the remarks about a flinter by Martin and Duncan, I took a few photos of mine. It came as a kit from Cabela's some years ago. It was actually made by Investarms and is the same as one they sell under their name least it looks exactly like. It comes from Italy.

It didn't take much effort to put it together and the largest task was to finish the stock. The touch-hole was a bit two narrow to produce a good ignition so I drilled it out slightly. The sights are more "modern" but require no serious adjustment...just lining up the wedge front sight. It weights a healthy just about nine pounds unloaded.
made in Italy.jpg
half cock.jpg
back sight.jpg
front sight.jpg

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