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Postby oldironsights » Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:36 pm

Here is my one & only carbine.

I have sold all of my others to finance new purchases.

But I have always cherished this one because this is the one I had to use when TSHTF one dark night after hurricane Katrina in 2005.

I thought I would photograph it & share it with you before it too is sent away to fund a new purchase.

( I saw a Luxembourg FN-49 in 30.06 that I covet )

On 05Sept05, @ 2200, I lay in my bed, trying to invite a cool breeze into my house after my first fresh water shower in a week when I hear a sound only a two legged animal can make.

Someone trying to pry open my back door! :shock:

I had the WASR with full magazine by my bedside, so I put on a pair of sneakers, grabbed a flashlight, & started to the front door, so I could go around back & meet them.

They must have heard me or seen my light, because I heard one of them speak to the other in a hushed voice.

I ventured outside & chambered a round when I heard them again as they headed toward me.

I fired three shots into the base of a fallen tree ( I had many fallen trees ).

The two looters then ran up my gravel driveway to the road. I fired three more shots into fallen trees.

I heard one fall in the gravel & the other looter tell him to get up.

I walked up the drive to the road. It was dark with no moon, so I could not see farther than my flashlight, but I could sense they were there, so I fired three more shots into the trees.

My neighbor on the other side of the woods still had a land line to the sheriff, & told him of the shots fired, so a cruiser was dispatched to my area.

While standing at the end of my drive next to a fallen tree, I watched the lit-up cruiser pass my location.

I wonder if he saw me standing there in my underwear & sneakers, holding a semi-auto version of an AK?

If he DID see me, would he have stopped?

I must have looked gruesome! :mrgreen:

At dawns first light, I could see a small red car parked in the road near my drive. That car would stay there for almost two days.

After discussing the event with my neighbors, they seemed to think the red car belonged to the looters.

They must have been scared.

I have had no trouble with thieves ever since! :loco: :rebel:
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