Corrosive .303 R.G. Ammunition

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Corrosive .303 R.G. Ammunition

Post by TwmCatti » Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:12 pm

Could someone please tell me when .303 RG stopped being loaded with corrosive primers?

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Corrosive .303 R.G. Ammunition

Post by Niner » Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:31 pm

Welcome to the forums TwmCatti. I don't know the answer but we have a few Brits that look at this forum that are big Enfield fans and probably some of them know the answer. How do you know that they had a change to non corrosive primers?

Got this bit of overall information off the internet:
Royal Ordnance Factory, Radway Green, Cheshire, UK. This factory was part of the 1939 - 45 war emergency expansion plans being situated near Crewe and is still in operation. Production of the .303 cartridge commenced in 1940 and the last known production of this cartridge was in 1973 with Mk 7Z Ball and Dummy Drill cartridges. Initial Radway Green production used a single arrow as the headstamp code and this was replaced in 1942 by the RG code.

Armour Piercing W Mk 1, W Mk 1 Special and W Mk 1Z
Ball, Cordite Mk 7
Ball, Nitro-cellulose Mks 7Z and 8Z
Blank, Ballistite L Mk 9Z
Blank, Cordite L Mk 5
Blank, Nitro-cellulose L Mk 5Z
Bulleted Blank, Nitro-cellulose L Mk 10Z
Cartridge Rifle Grenade, Cordite H Mk 2, H Mk 4 and H Mk 4Z
Drill, D Mk 10
Dummy Drill 1973 Pattern
Dummy, U Mk 5
Incendiary B Mk 6, B Mk 6Z, B Mk 7 and B Mk 7Z
Proof, Q Mk 3
Tracer G Mk 2 and G Mk 8
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Re: Corrosive .303 R.G. Ammunition

Post by DuncaninFrance » Tue Apr 26, 2016 2:37 am


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