Things a soldier would carry other than firearms, ammo, or uniforms. Meaning equipment such as ammo pouches, bayonets, holsters, oil cans, cleaning equipment, etc.

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Post by Niner Delta » Fri Jul 23, 2021 8:06 pm

I was bored (as usual) the other day so I inventoried all my rifle magazines. Turns out I have 70
mags, and if I loaded them all to capacity..... it would take 1650 rounds of various calibers..... :shock:
Obviously I would never do that, even though I have several types of mag loaders, my fingers would still
fall off. And since I never leave my mags loaded, then would have to unload most of them.
Averages out to about 23.6 rounds per mag, a lot of 5.56 30 and 40 rnd mags. It was just an
idle curiosity thing, maybe some day I'll do the pistol mags as there is not nearly as many.


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