W&S Mk4 .38 vs. Enfield No.2, Mark 1

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W&S Mk4 .38 vs. Enfield No.2, Mark 1

Post by deadin » Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:21 pm

I'm back again with another quest....

I recently came into a Webley & Scott Mk IV .38 with the War Finish. It has one finger broken off from the extractor star.
I ordered a replacement extractor (complete) that was advertised as for a Mark IV 38. However it does not fit as the indexing is off by 30 degrees. (The star is swaged onto the shaft and does not appear to be adjustable.)

Am I to assume that the parts are not interchangeable between the Webley Mk4 and the Enfield No.2, Mark 1 and I have an Enfield extractor? If so, anybody need an Enfield extractor (complete)? I would happily trade for a W&S version.(Or directions to where I could find one. Numrich is sold out.)
If they are supposed to be interchangeable, what do I have?
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