Vintage Winchester 5x scope

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Vintage Winchester 5x scope

Post by Dave 101 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:04 pm

I bought a couple of these scopes last week off of an auction site , one didnt have any crosshairs but Iam reparing that at the moment . Both have the patina to show some age but I was wondering if any one can date them for me . I reckon they could be any thing up to 1950s but I have seen similar scopes back to the early 1900s .
They are brass tubes with steel mounts , theres a thread on each end to remove the lenses , then theres a short internal tube with a lense at each end , and a shorter tube with the crosshairs mounted on . these parts have screws which go through the main tube to secure them .
The mounts are for 11mm dovetails , the muzzle end mount is stamped Winchester .Trade mark . USA Pat Pend . The other mount has the windage and elevation adjustment screws . All parts in working order .


Any info welcome .

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