New pistol...........

This forum is for all other rifles and hand guns that we have an interest in. They need not be of military origin nor C&R.
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Niner Delta
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New pistol...........

Post by Niner Delta » Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:43 pm

The only gun I bought while the site was problematic is a Canik TP9-SFX
9mm pistol. It takes 20 round mags and I bought 10 at a decent price. Made in
Turkey and seems to have good quality. Came in a nice kit with 4 extra top
plates to match most popular slide mounted red dot sights, which I haven't bothered
to buy. I like the 5.25" barrel as it helps me actually hit some things.... sometimes.
Have only put about a thousand rounds through it and works like new, I'm happy.
The photos are the day I got it, still has paper around the grip and a peel off
black arrow sticker to tell you which end the bullets come out...... :mrgreen:
The mag release has 3 different sizes for fat or skinny thumbs.
I just really needed a FDE pistol to go with my black Ruger......... :lol:
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Re: New pistol...........

Post by Niner » Sat Nov 02, 2019 8:47 pm

Neat case. Reminds me of one a soldering iron I have came in. Nothing like having a pistol case where the pistol doesn't rattle around.
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