COVID 19 etc.

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COVID 19 etc.

Post by Aughnanure » Sat Sep 04, 2021 8:26 pm

Down at the local supermarket logic has gone out the door.
Upon entry one is confronted by the phone check in device and as I don’t have but the most basic of phones I can’t use it, so I fill in the Name, Date and phone number form and all is OK.
Except the supermarket doesn’t have the form at the entrance and I just walked in, Security pounced, so I told her that I don’t have a phone.
She said that I must fill out the form, there isn’t one says I.
It’s around at the check out, says she.
At the Exit?
Then I’ll sign it as I go out.
No, you must fill it in before you enter.
Why isn’t it at the entrance?
We were told to put it at the checkout.

I complied.

Next visit Security was nowhere to be seen so I just walked in.

On checking out I put my milk on the end of the moving belt and the lady in front of me went off because my goods was on the belt at the same time as hers, the Checker also asked me to remove it. So I asked why.
Possible contamination.
So I said to the pair of them, “What about all the people who handle the goods while they’re shopping?”
I spoilt the lady customers day :bigsmile:
When I was paying the Checker said ‘…and I’m here all day!!’
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Re: COVID 19 etc.

Post by Niner » Sat Sep 04, 2021 9:00 pm

Well.... at least where I live it hasn't gotten that bad yet. In fact, the football stadiums were full on the first weekend of college football. From what I'm seeing on TV nobody is wearing a mask in the stands. Wonder what the next "surge " will be like?
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Re: COVID 19 etc.

Post by Niner Delta » Sat Sep 04, 2021 9:54 pm

The health department in the county I live in and the next county put into effect today that in order to enter
a restaurant or bar you must show a valid vaccine card and ID, and obviously wear a mask. Already there are folks
loosing their minds over this and protesting and thinking their rants on Facebook will make a difference....... :lol:
I don't really care as I have my card and got both shots. Although I have cut back on restaurant visits since there has
been a disturbing amount of new cases around here. I worry that I'll be wearing a mask for the rest of my life..... :roll:


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