"Transparent" is a fad word I hate

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"Transparent" is a fad word I hate

Post by Niner » Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:09 pm

In the US the news is full of statements by political figures and news talking heads that contain the word "transparent" as an adjective of choice instead of saying "being honest" or not hiding the truth. Take this loaded with "transparent" statement by the resigning acting Attorney General about the Mueller Investigation report that has been reported as near being turned over to the Justice Department.

The AP story quote of Rosenstein:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s comments at an event come as Mueller’s Russia probe winds down and as there is debate about what information should be made public at the end, particularly about individuals who were investigated but not charged.

Rosenstein did not discuss Mueller’s work in detail and did not suggest his comments about transparency were specifically about the special counsel’s investigation. But he made several remarks that could be interpreted as setting the stage for the Justice Department to not disclose as much about the investigation, and about the actions of President Donald Trump, as Democrats in Congress and many in the public might want.

“There’s a knee-jerk reaction to suggest that we should be transparent about what we do in government,” Rosenstein said. “But there are a lot of reasons not to be transparent about what we do in government.”
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