Urine test for senior men

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Urine test for senior men

Post by DuncaninFrance » Thu Jun 18, 2020 12:48 pm

My urologist’s office called the other day and explained that my scheduled appointment would now be done over the phone due to the coronavirus. One hour before the scheduled teleconference, I was instructed (via email) to administer my own urine test. This was to avoid those lab tests and costly co-pays that your doctors tell you to get at Quest Diagnostics, and because they're shutdown too.

Simply go outside and pee in the front yard.

If ant's gather: DIABETES.

If you pee on your feet: PROSTATE

If it smells like a barbecue: CHOLESTEROL

If your wrist hurts when you shake it: OSTEOARTHRITIS

If you return to your house with your penis outside your pants: ALZHEIMER'S

Hope you can remember your diagnosis so the doctor can prescribe a pill to fix it!

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