Helicopter Ride.......

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Re: Helicopter Ride.......

Post by Niner » Fri Apr 06, 2018 10:33 am

That wasn't an auto rotate down because of engine failure but an actual crash it looks like to me. I saw one smashed up like that once. It was on an extraction one morning after a night contact. A gunship slick was making passes over some tall skinny trees and coming real close to the tree tops right in front of and over us preparatory to the troop slicks coming in one at a time to extract us . On it's finial pass the runners...or something on the chopper...made contact with one of the tree tops and the chopper went nose down into what was knee deep swamp water. Smashed like an egg on a sidewalk maybe 50 meters from where I was standing. The engine was loud and at a higher rpm sound for all of two or three seconds after the crash and then all was quiet. The wreckage was almost unrecognizable as to what it had been seconds before.

Well ...better luck next time on winning a flight Duncan. What's the odds of the same company crashing a second chopper in the same area? That crash is almost a statistical guarantee the next flight will be a good one.
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