The canon ball that landed on the Hartford

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The canon ball that landed on the Hartford

Post by Niner » Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:06 pm

The Hartford was the flagship of Farragut at the battle of Mobile Bay during the Civil war. I was on another site and someone asked a question about the battle and it got me to looking for the advertisement for the canon ball that impacted Farragut's ship. It should have been bought by the Ft. Morgan museum, I thought, but maybe they doubted the authenticity ....or just didn't have any interest.

I noticed this advertisement on Norm Flayderman's online site years ago. He was offering this relic and I mentioned it to one of the managers at the Ft. Morgan museum and admissions office when I visited shortly after I saw the advertisement. I told the guy to email me and I'd give him the link. The museum, at the time didn't have an email address, and probably still doesn't, so he had to contact me. Never heard from him.

For those who don't know Norm Flayderman, he was an expert on US antique military firearms and published a thick catalogue of information and speculative prices in 8 or so editions over probably 50 years.

I found these attachments using the Wayback machine. From 2011.
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Re: The canon ball that landed on the Hartford

Post by Niner Delta » Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:52 pm

I wonder why he was "tied to the rigging of his flagship", and if he was wearing his brown pants?? .... :mrgreen:


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