A local gun show this weekend

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A local gun show this weekend

Post by Niner » Wed Jun 08, 2022 11:49 pm

I saw this advertisement for a gun show. It is a regular thing in Mobile every year to have gun shows a couple different places a couple different times a year. The Abba Temple is one I used to frequent pretty regularly over the years. Once upon a time the fee to enter the show was three or four dollars. Last time I went , couple years ago, it was $5. Great way to make money for the people who put these things on. They rent tables and collect money on the attendees.Tables used to run at such events something like $60....cash...no checks or plastic for the two day event. And this kind of show has always been a big deal in lower Alabama. There are more people at the gun show on Sunday than at the top three biggest churches in town all put together.

Look at what admission costs this time. Talk about greed setting. Maybe they think there are a lot of people out there that have gotten fearful of the end of the 2nd Amendment and see it as a chance to make hay while the sun shines.
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