Biden-Trump-the Capital attack and the new gold

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Biden-Trump-the Capital attack and the new gold

Post by Niner » Tue Jan 12, 2021 1:06 pm

Gun sales and ammo sales are booming thanks to recent events in politics and the fiasco at the Capitol building. Gun shops are selling out in Alabama. If it's that way in Alabama I wonder what is happening in the states with the more volatile big city populations.

From the Alabama press and

‘People are afraid’: Alabama gun shops see new run on guns, ammo following Capitol violence
Updated 9:17 AM; Today 7:00 AM
By Ramsey Archibald |
Demand for guns - and especially ammunition - has skyrocketed in Alabama in the days since protests at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., turned violent. And gun shops across the state say they are struggling to keep up with demand.

“I’d say demand has gone up 1,000 percent. Not 100 percent, not 500 percent, but 1,000 percent,” said Tom Hand, owner of Gold Mine Pawn Shop in Daphne, Alabama. “If I had a shipload of ammo, I could have sold every bit of it.”

Gun shops acorss the country, from Los Angeles to Topeka, have been reporting similar rises,

There are a number of factors driving the surge in demand, multiple Alabama gun sellers told And demand for ammunition was already high in the state and across the country before the events at the Capitol last week.

“The pandemic started it, and then the hemming and hawing in politics made it worse, and what happened [at the Capitol] made it worse, too,” said Randal Murphree, owner of Murphree’s Guns in Blount County. “I think people are afraid.”

Murphree, Hand and other gun sellers throughout the state have been dealing with “extreme” demand for ammunition through much of the last year, as they say suppliers can’t keep up.

“If the distributors don’t have it, we don’t have it,” Murphree said. He said it’s been that way for weeks and that he’s had people calling from all over the state trying to find certain types of ammunition. The lack of supply has led to increases in price for all kinds of ammo - but it hasn’t stopped people from buying.

“Our ammo shelves, in the 40 years of this store, have never been as depleted as they are now,” said Joe Phillips at Mark’s Outdoors in Vestavia Hills, just south of Birmingham. “And when [ammo] does come in, it gets gobbled up quickly.”

Phillips said he has “absolutely” seen an increase in ammo sales related to last week’s events at the U.S. Capitol.

“We were selling a lot before hand,” he said. “But in the last two weeks, especially right after the 6th, there’s been a huge increase in gun sales, and more so ammo sales than gun sales.”

What’s driving the latest surge?
Murphree said the surge in demand could partially be explained by fear of the beginning of the Biden administration.

“I think they’re afraid of the new administration coming in... Either making ammo harder to get, or having a waiting period, or taxing it higher,” he said. “It’s kind of like it was in 2015 or 2016, after the presidential election then.”

But Phillips said people are scared about more than just a new tax or higher price.

“A lot of people, they’re buying it not so much because of the tax, but because they think something’s coming,” Phillips said. “People believe something big is going to happen, whether it be a bigger Ruby Ridge… civil war or civil uprising.”

“People believe something’s gonna come where they need guns or ammo.”

He said he believes there are people who are panicking.

“Gun sales and ammo sales have been great for 2020 - it’s no secret. But towards the end of 2020, especially right after the election, people started panicking and buying whatever they could get their hands on,” he said. That includes hunting ammo, which Phillips said people started buying as self defense ammo after the 2020 presidential election.

“Everything that’s going on with politics right now, it’s got everybody in a frenzy to buy guns and ammo, and to arm themselves.”

Hand, of Gold Mine Pawn Shop in Daphne, said this is the highest demand he’s seen in 39 years of selling guns and ammo.

“People are scared. People are scared of ‘it.’ ‘It’ is in the room. They don’t know what ‘it’ is, but they’re scared of it,” He said.

Hand said when people are scared, they go to their “comfort metals.”

Those metals, he said, are gold, silver, copper and lead.
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Re: Biden-Trump-the Capital attack and the new gold

Post by DuncaninFrance » Tue Jan 12, 2021 2:26 pm

I seems as though the trump Administration is doing it's best to screw up Biden's takeover.

"President Donald Trump's outgoing administration on Monday returned Cuba to the US blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism, the latest in a slew of last-minute actions to hinder President-elect Joe Biden's diplomacy."

No DON'T jump on me Vern, I can only read what I see in the papers here. Other headlines include;

"Deutsche and Signature banks cut ties with Trump in wake of Capitol riot"
"Thanks to Trump, any hope Ivanka had of returning to Manhattan's elite is dashed"
"In golf, Donald Trump is finished – his isolation in the sport will cut to his core"
"PGA Championship pulled from Trump golf course after attack on US Capitol as R&A also distances itself "

But there could also be good news.....

"'QAnon shaman' Jake Angeli not eating as prison won't provide organic food"

No wonder gun sales are rocketing in the US but does that suggest an escalation in the problem?
It may also cause a shortage of ammo here.............

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Re: Biden-Trump-the Capital attack and the new gold

Post by Niner Delta » Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:07 pm

I just checked the online site where I buy ammo, haven't checked for awhile and ....... :shock: ...WOW!
They have almost no inventory, one kind of 9mm, Hornaday (expensive brand) hollow point for $1.40 a round.
Last time I bought brass case solid nose 9mm for 16¢ a round, admittedly a couple of years ago.
The only .223/5.59 they have is steel case Russian for 75¢ a round, last time I paid 20¢.
Cheapest 7.62X39 is 43¢, last time I paid 21¢. But my prices are at least 2 years old and don't include shipping,
which is usually $16 to $22 for 1000 rounds.
I agree that the newly empowered democrats are going to go all out for gun control measures.
IMHO.... I think first things they are going to go for are no internet or shipping ammo sales and EVERY gun sale requires a background
check (my home state already has that) for entire country. And that will just be the begining............ :evil:


Peace is that brief, quiet moment in history.......... when everybody stands around reloading.
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Re: Biden-Trump-the Capital attack and the new gold

Post by Aughnanure » Tue Jan 12, 2021 11:05 pm

The Democrats are their own grave-diggers.

If ever there was a time for an incoming administration to go easy now is that time.
Self Defence is not only a Right, it is an Obligation.

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