From todays skype chat

Food and Drink that we enjoy from all the places in the world where we pursue our milsurp collecting hobby. Share a favorite recipe that others may try. Tell us about your favorite wine, beer or other spirit. Cigars too.

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From todays skype chat

Post by Niner » Sun Sep 06, 2020 8:47 pm

Sauces are not universal. What is a good sauce in the UK is awful in the US. Take Marmite for example...tastes like the burnt drippings of the pan after baking a ham smells. We were talking sauces and Duncan said he can't live without Henderson's Relish. Never heard of it. Then I suggested Heinz 57 with Worcestershire sauce was the best sauce hands down over mustard, catsup, mayo or whatever else on burgers. I agreed to see if anybody has a bottle of Henderson's Relish sold locally and will try it and state my opinion. The UK participants never heard of Heinz 57 sauce with or without the Worcestershire.

The Henderson relish condiments include. Like many similar sauces, Henderson's has a base of spirit vinegar, coloured with caramel and sweetened with sugar and saccharin. Its flavour is derived from tamarind, cayenne pepper and garlic oil. A spice that distinguishes Henderson's from other English sauces is its use of cloves.

It is distinguished from other sauces, in that it does not use anchovies as an ingredient.[1] From Wikipedia.

The national anthem of Heinz 57 on hamburgers.
Credit to Andy Dingley
Credit to Andy Dingley
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