BBQ grills

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BBQ grills

Post by Niner » Sat Sep 11, 2021 8:34 pm

I like to BBQ and do it all year round. I've used different charcoal grills over the years. I most often used the square covered grill with an adjustable grate. I've got a couple of these relatively cheap grills. These are simple and satisfactory for steaks, chicken, ribs, etc. But having gotten three Amazon gift cards lately as a birthday gift I thought I would spend the whole of the windfall on a new grill that was a bit larger for cooking a couple slabs of ribs without cutting the slabs compared to the 18 inch grills that I have to place the rack of ribs diagonally on the square surface. This time I went "hole hog" and got a deluxe Weber Master Touch grill.

The Weber master touch has a 22 inch round grill and the center comes out of the grill surface for replacing with specialty grilling surfaces if one wants. It comes with a couple of charcoal baskets that set to either side of the charcoal grate surface for indirect a small roast or a whole chicken or something. The top grill is hinged on two sides if you need to add charcoal on a long roasting event. It also has a warming rack, an grill lid holder and a temperature gauge. The best thing is what is at the underside of the ash bowl. There is a lever for air flow control with clearly marked indications and a basket for ash catching and removal. The grill and charcoal grate is all first class heavy duty equipment.

The temperature gauge came in handy for an indication for adjusting the air flow. Overall... first use was fun.
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Re: BBQ grills

Post by Niner Delta » Sat Sep 11, 2021 8:55 pm

Nice grill! You are much more of a "griller" than I am. I have a simple gas BBQ and use a grill mat
so I don't have to clean it. But it's usually more trouble than it's worth for one steak...... :roll:


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