The hot dog as done by the present generation

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The hot dog as done by the present generation

Post by Niner » Wed May 05, 2021 12:49 pm

If you go to a ball game and order a hot dog you get a boiled wiener in a bun. You go to a stand and can add mustard from a plastic serving envelope or squirt out serve yourself mustard server and maybe add some relish from another serving envelope. Great hot dog with a cold beer. If you go to a traditional hot dog place in town, and there are a couple in Mobile, one of which boasts of being the oldest continuously operating food serving place in town, and you get a hot dog with a special version of beef or pork steamed wiener, topped with mustard, a special meat based chili, sour kraut, and a pickle. All of the condiments have to be just right to be a quality dog... made today fresh bun, really secret great recipe chili, mustard with a real tang to it... etc.

Now to the point. Noticed this advertisement online for a relatively new hot dog place. Seems a bit too much for me. I guess maybe time has passed me but this menu really doesn't inspire me to rush right down and order whatever it is they are really serving. Particularly the wack and wiener part has subliminal implications that do not bode well.
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