I still buy a camera now and again

We do not live by milsurps alone. Photography and other hobbies as well as the mention of other collections would fit in this forum.

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I still buy a camera now and again

Post by Niner » Sat Nov 02, 2019 3:20 pm

After the photo upload went away I still was playing with cameras and adding a new one now and then. While the site was in limbo I had been posting my adventures on a facebook site for vintage camera users. Of course facebook is a here today and gone tomorrow proposition. I liked being able to post here.... I can go back and see what had posted and revisit some older possessed cameras to remind myself if they worked and some of the oddities of function many cameras have. Here is one I posted recently on the facebook page.
I picked up a Canon EOS 630 the other day to go with my Canon EOS 620 and EOS 650. Like the others in the 600 series this camera was a late 80's wonder. It was before the dial with the program images stage and there were a list of numbers on the back you could run through for programs and dial them in if you want. It does auto focus and auto programs as well down to manual settings. Multiple exposure, bracketing and other good features. It feels substantial and reliable in the hand. My developing time was off enough to produce really thin negatives ....but the camera works fine for something manufactured 30 years ago.
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