Value of things you collect

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Value of things you collect

Post by Niner » Thu Mar 19, 2020 4:02 pm

I noticed a newspaper advertisement in a hundred year old newspaper for something I have. The Holton Revelation cornet was advertised for $95 one hundred years ago yesterday. That converts in present dollar value to $1228.72....according to one online guestimator. I paid $35.86 for the one I have a few years ago and that translates on the reverse money value thing to $2.77 in 1920 money although that seems hardly right. Now, today, I do think I could get maybe $95 for the one I have now if I advertised it right.

On another note I am afraid to look at what my stock market holdings are worth today. Maybe collecting old stuff isn't such a crazy thing to do after all.
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