Pentax KM

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Pentax KM

Post by Niner » Sat Jan 20, 2018 1:06 pm

Introduced in 1975 it was one of a three camera group. It was the least sophisticated of the three....K2,KX, and KM. And a year later the ikonic Pentax K1000 came along that was even less sophisticated than the KM. The K1000 was exactly like the KM except the KM had a depth of field button and an auto timer switch and a ring around the film winder that you could set a reminder of if the camera was loaded and if it had color or B&W film. By 1977 the KM was history as smaller and lighter Pentax cameras with more features replaced it in the M series.

Funny how the nearly the same camera, with less basic minimal features, the K1000, was produced in record numbers and is still the number one tyro film camera down to today.

The KM is a worthy mechanical bare bones film camera though and I don't know why it didn't outlast the K1000 as a basic mechanical SLR...if only for the timer.
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